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In any hospitality business, it is important that their property remains safe. And when it comes to hotels and resorts where the guests pay a temporary visit, they want to feel safe and maintain their privacy. Thus, the need for video surveillance and CCTV installations in hotels arises as it helps in creating a long-lasting impression on your boarders by becoming a natural part of your property’s aesthetics. There are numerous hotels around the world who trust on the CCTV technology by Dallmeier for monitoring the publicly accessible areas and for preventing any unauthorized access. The CCTVs mainly monitor areas such as lounges, hallways, lobbies and parking spaces.

The CCTV cameras and surveillance systems have gained prominence in the hotel industry as they continuously monitor the different activities on different places. Thus, it ensures a safe and secure atmosphere for the hotel staffs and guests. The installation of CCTV cameras on publicly accessible areas also prevent damages occurring due to vandalism. By taking care of the security of the staffs and visitors, it significantly enhances the coordination and cooperation between them.

Take a look at the Importance of CCTV Cameras in Hotels in Dubai:

With the increasing number of hotels in recent years, it has become important to adopt new technologies for improving efficiency and for offering a better experience to the guests. In fact, it is important for the guests to ensure that their belongings are always kept protected. Thus, one should rely on and prefer such a reliable CCTV, which provides superior HD image and video quality. Dallmeier CCTV comes in handy for providing data for smart analytics. Therefore, it predicts the patterns as well as guest traffic for your business and enterprises.

CCTV systems for hotels reduce and restrict the intruders from accessing the hotel facilities like spas, gym, swimming pools, etc.

  • It also restricts the trespassers from entering the premises through surveillance at both the entrance and exit areas
  • The visiting guests will feel safe and thus, they can enjoy their peace of mind by staying at your hotel
  • The remote access facilities of the CCTV cameras make this technologically more advanced and it serves as a bonus to your business
  • It also ensures that you don’t lose any competitive edge and keeps you at par with the competitive industry norms
  • Prevents certain unethical activities and theft by employees
  • Even it provides you the freedom and flexibility to keep an eye on your business from wherever you want through the option of cloud storage and remote control.

Moreover, if want to install CCTV in any of your meeting or conference halls, or want to install it in hotels and resorts, you can connect with our team of professionals at Tech Support Dubai

Key areas where a CCTV should be installed

The security needs of your hotel or resort depend on many factors. Thus, when you are purchasing any CCTV camera or video surveillance system, it is important that you consider each of the factors well. One of the most important factors are the areas where you have planned to install the cameras. However, you can install CCTV cameras and surveillance systems on the areas mentioned below:

  1. Meeting areas, lobbies, entrances and exits
  2. Staff entryways, kitchen and pantry areas, service elevators
  3. Specialized guest areas like restaurants, spas, gyms, swimming pools, etc.
  4. Luggage and maintenance elevators
  5. Corridors and lifts
  6. Housekeeping areas, laundries, staff lockers
  7. Outdoor places like Tennis courts, golf course, gardens.

Benefits of installing Dallmeier IP video surveillance solutions for hotels in Dubai UAE:

Besides providing quite reliable functionality, a well-connected IP video surveillance solution for hotels also gives emphasis on the installation of the cameras discreetly so that it does not disturb the atmosphere of the premises. Even the guests would also not feel that they are being watched continuously. One of the major advantages of mounting Dallmeier IP cameras is that it can be easily mounted between the recessed luminaires and can be put unobtrusively on ceilings. Also, under difficult lighting conditions, the cameras provide high-contrast and clear images. As Dallmeier offers a wide range of reliable recording systems and appliances, you can select any of them as per the size of the hotel and areas of its application. Its operation is also quite intuitive and convincing.  

Besides these, if you look from the financial point of view, then also Dallmeier CCTV cameras pays off well as it is within your budget and you can easily equip quality CCTV cameras in your hotels. If you face any problem in the CCTV, you can come in contact with our experts at Tech Support Dubai for effective installation and repair services.

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Whenever you encounter any kind of installation, maintenance or repairing issue with your Dallmeier CCTV or video surveillance system, get in touch with our experienced technicians. You can call us at our helpline number: 042053349 and grab immediate assistance from them. Furthermore, you might also avail our email services or can opt for our live chat support for getting exceptional services for resolving all CCTV issues.