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Diagnosis Time: 30 Minutes
Recovery Time: 7-14 Days (Depending on the Condition)

In this modern digital era, data and information are the greatest assets of all enterprises, whether it’s a small or medium, that needs to be kept safe and secure. Backing up all the relevant information is a crucial part of a successful business. Not only the official information but data can also include a family photo album, games, or important personal documents stored on various devices. But what if you have lost all your data or, the storage device is corrupted somehow? Well, in this kind of scenario, you need to be aware of the data recovery process. The data recovery process helps you to obtain and get back all the lost information. Be it a user error or mechanical damage or physical issues with your storage device, with the correct services from data recovery in Dubai, you can easily retrieve back the data.

So, if you’re also experiencing a problem with your storage device and can’t access the data, don’t worry. You can avail of the best Data Recovery Shop Dubai from us and solve the issues correctly. Our data recovery UAE services team is always ready to deal with such issues and provide the proper solution to the clients on time.

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Different Data Recovery Services that We Provide:

It is important that one should know about the data recovery and other relevant services when facing issues like data loss or data intrusion. These services are quite useful when it comes to bringing back the lost information and data in certain critical situations. Thus, for the best Data Recovery Dubai, get in touch with us anytime you want.

Here are some of the data recovery services we provide to our customers to make their data accessible again.

  • Data Recovery from Hard Drive: One of the most popular data storage devices is the hard drive. It generally comes with the computer, laptop or other devices and stores the data from those devices. Though the hard drives are quite reliable, sometimes, they can act differently and make it difficult to access the stored data. Our Tech Support Dubai experts are proficient at recovering the lost information from the damaged hard drives quickly.
  • Desktop HDD Recovery: The desktop HDD plays a vital role when it comes to storing important data on your computer. And, it is more stable than the HDD of laptops or tablets. But when there is a power line surge, the HDD can fail to work and your data might be lost. Contact us for affordable Data Recovery Dubai and fix this problem at the earliest.
  • Laptop HDD Recovery: The laptop HDD gets into more trouble easily and compromises data security. As the laptop is a portable device, there is a high chance that the HDD can come across harsh conditions. Due to that, data loss is very common with laptop HDDs. Thus, opt for reliable Laptop data recovery Dubai.

Have a Look at Some Additional Data Recovery Services:

Apart from those services discussed above, there are some more data recovery services that we provide for different devices. 

  • SSD Recovery: Nowadays, the SSD has become much more reliable compared to the HDDs. The Solid State Drives do not have any moving components in them, and that makes them less error-prone. Still, they can also cause problems at times and for that, you need to contact our data recovery Dubai experts to get quick solutions.
  • RAID Recovery: In some occasional cases, users combine several physical drives in a single RAID to store more information at a time. In this RAID system, if one device stops working, then it can result in the loss of data. So, get the best Data Recovery services from our Tech Support Dubai team and retrieve the lost data quickly.
  • SCSI & SAS Recovery: With the help of SCSI and SAS technology, you can use various storage devices on your desktop. However, if any of the components stop working, then it’ll prevent you from accessing the stored data. You’ll be glad to know that our engineers are highly professional when it comes to handling such issues with ease.
  • USB and Memory Card Data Recovery: USB drives and memory cards are usually used in smartphones, tablets, and cameras to store information. Sometimes, the files stored in these memory devices might be lost due to formatting the device or malware affect. We can easily solve this problem for you and get back all the lost information.

Get Top 5 Best Data Recovery Companies in Dubai

Have you ever thought if service providers can fully data recovery services dubai recover the lost data on your computer or mobile phone? Perhaps, did it happen that you lost information on your mobile phone? Could not perform efficient data recovery due to the inaccessibility of the right services? Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore. The top data recovery companies or services in Dubai can help. They will retrieve all the lost or erased data with proper techniques. UAE, in general, is known to have the best and top data recovery  Dubai service providers. They offer a variety of data recovery services Dubai along with hard disk repair, if necessary. 

Loss or accidental deletion of data from computers or mobile phones are common occurrences. If you are not an expert in data recovery from these devices, you better not attempt it. Instead, call up a reliable and popular data recovery service provider in Dubai near you. Their expert technicians will help with the data recovery process. If there are any underlying issues with the device, they can help repair that.

The Best Companies for Data Recovery in Dubai

Data recovery Dubai is an activity that helps salvage lost data from the device’s memory storage that are usually erased due to logical, physical, or human errors. The data recovery or hard drive recovery process may sound simple. 

But, it is not as simple as copying data from one source to another. It involves multiple processes like imaging, problem-solving, hardware replacement, refurbishing, crisis management, etc. Devices like computers or laptops have complex mechanical elements and firmware. Any unwanted activity or failure to the software or hardware part might result in data loss. Based on the damage or error, the data loss could be minor or permanent. 

Regardless, Dubai’s top data recovery services help salvage data from hard disk, RAID failure, hard drive failure, SSD, physical failure, and many more.¬†Moreover, the hard disk data recovery Dubai services are affordable. Depending on the type of data loss, device, data size, and other factors, the costs might vary.¬†Either way, if you are looking for the top data recovery companies in Dubai, here is their list. We highly suggest these service providers in Dubai for any data recovery services in Dubai.¬†


UAE TECHNICIAN is one of Dubai’s best and top Data Recovery services provider specializing in offering fast data recovery sharjah , UAE and repair services. Whether you have a laptop crashing issue, part replacement, or hard drive data recovery, they have the services and experts to perform them.¬†

Based on the type of problem, they provide tailor-made solutions of high quality to fix all your technical worries in no time. Their customers love them for quality services at affordable pricing. They deal with all types and variants of devices and related problems. 

Data Recovery in Dubai

Different data recovery services in Dubai that UAE TECHNICIAN deals with are:

  • Accidentally deleted data
  • Firmware corrupted data
  • Logical error data loss
  • Electronic failure data loss¬†

You can worry-free take your data loss issue to them. They have the best pricing structure, quick services, warranty on all types of repairs, and free pick-up plus delivery services. Besides data recovery, they also offer other services like virus removal, server setup, mobile repair, IT network solutions, etc. 

2. Data Recovery 

Like its name, Angel Data Recovery in Dubai has a different approach to its data recovery services. They live up to their name through their quality and satisfactory services. Their expert technicians recover data from preliminary SSD and hard disk drive damages to high-level damages. 

Different data recovery services in Dubai that Angel Data Recovery deals with are:

  • Hard Disk Drive data recovery
  • SSD data recovery
  • Corrupted file system recovery
  • RAID data recovery¬†
  • Servers recovery
  • Flashcards data recovery
  • USB flash recovery¬†
  • Deleted files recovery

As a data recovery service provider, its target customers are commercial clients. However, they also offer time to serve individual customers. And you won’t be disappointed by their professionalism. 

3. ITNerds4U

ITNerds4U offers super affordable and quick Server data recovery services Dubai to its customers. They can handle data recovery ranging from even the slightest data loss issue to the massive level 3 repairs. 

If you are skeptical about the quality and efficiency of their services, trust us. They are the only data recovery company in Dubai in 2022 where you can get super-fast, high quality, and cheap services. 

And what’s more interesting is that their support is available 24/7. So, you can avail of their services any time of the day. You do not have to worry about permanent data loss from your device. 

Different hard disk recovery Dubai services that ITNerds4U deals with are:

  • Hard drive Data recovery
  • Backup tape recovery
  • External hard disk drive recovery
  • RAID server recovery¬†
  • Laptop data recovery

Their services are available to individuals, institutes, businesses, and even government agencies across UAE. with over 12 years of experience in this field, they are a trustworthy option for data recovery.

4. Lifeguard Data Recovery 

The one thing the Lifeguard Data Recovery abide by is that if they are unsuccessful in data recovery, they offer a free service guarantee to their customers. 

As their name indicates, they help safeguard lost data by performing efficient data recovery solutions. They have over 17 years of data recovery Dubai expertise and skilled technicians with years of collected knowledge. 

Different data recovery that Lifeguard Data Recovery focuses on include:

  • Broken hard disk drive data recovery
  • SSD data recovery
  • Network storage¬†
  • Server data recovery Dubai
  • PC crash data recovery
  • Ransomeware data recovery
  • Remote data recovery
  • Raid data recovery
  • Mobile data recovery
  • Flash data recovery

Besides various data recovery services, they also offer services, including malware removal and PC repair. 

5. 800fixing  

800fixing is a data recovery service provider that offers comprehensive services with a perfect balance of pricing structure and service quality. 

While customers love their service quality, they also offer enticing warranty service periods. Depending on the type of service, you can even avail of same-day quick solutions. 

Their experienced professional technicians apply updated solutions and equipment or tools for effective and efficient fixes. If essential, you can also receive device diagnosis and free pick-up plus delivery. 

Different types of Data Recovery Company services that you can avail of at 800fixing are:

  • SSD data recovery Dubai

  • Hard drive data recovery Dubai

  • Laptop data recovery Dubai(MacBook and Windows)

  • MacBook data recovery Dubai

  • Windows data recovery Dubai

  • Memory card data recovery Dubai

  • RAID data recovery Dubai

  • USB data recovery Dubai

Besides several data recovery services, they offer mobile phone repair, laptop repair, system virus removal, game console repair, IT support, etc. 


Dubai’s best data recovery companies are the comprehensive location to resolve your data loss issue. Nonetheless, while you choose your service provider, make sure to ask for a diagnosis to know the device’s level of damage or data loss.¬†Compare the pricing structure and also read customer reviews. Doing so will help you find exemplary service.

Call Tech Support Dubai @045864033 for Authentic Data Recovery in Dubai

If you’re looking for a reliable data recovery Dubai service provider in Dubai, you can freely connect with us. Our experts will provide you with the proper guidance and assistance you need as per your concern. Just ring us on our helpline number: 045864033 and get the job done in no time. You can even connect with us via email. Also, there is a live chat portal on our website where you can interact with the data recovery Dubai professionals regarding your issue.

Data Recovery Price List

Type of Service Price Time
Software (Logical) Problems 240 3 Days
Firmware Problems 740 5 Days
Printed Circuit Board Related Problems 840 7 Days
Bad Blocks 940 7 Days
Heads Related Problems 1420 14 Days
Stuck Heads 1470 3 Days
Motor/HDA Related Problems 1785 14 Days
SSD Software (Logical) Problems 370 5 Days
SSD Firmware / Electrical Problems 945 5 Days
RAID Software (Logical) Problems 780 7 Days
RAID Firmware Problems / Initialization Fail 1470 7 Days
RAID Initialization Fail / Storage Media Fail  1470 7 Days
USB Software (Logical) Problems 265 3 Days
USB Firmware/ Integrated Circuits Related Problems 370 4 Days
Mobile Software (Logical) Problems 370 3 Days 
Mobile Electrical Problems 315 3 Days
CDs/DVDs Recovery 370 7 Days
FDDs Recovery 370 7 Days
Videorecorders Recovery 420 7 Days

FAQs of Data Recovery Service

A good data recovery service in Dubai should have a strong track record of successful data recovery, have experienced technicians, and prioritize data security and privacy.
Data recovery costs in Dubai range from AED 1,000 to AED 10,000.
The most typical reason is that the data recovery process takes a long time and requires specialized knowledge and tools.
Data recovery services can range from a few hours for simple cases to several days for more complex recoveries.
Yes, during data recovery, you usually have the right to specify which specific files or data you want to recover from your storage device.
For data recovery services in Dubai, contact the supplier via their website, phone number, or email.
Yes, Techsupport Dubai provides emergency or quick data recovery services for urgent situations.
Back up your data, use reliable antivirus and anti-malware software, and handle your devices with care to avoid physical damage or data corruption.
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